Could you imagine yourself being part of one of the best-performing gas trading teams in Europe?

Would you like to work in a high-paced and team-oriented environment? Would you like a role where you can develop and execute trading strategies while at the same time analyzing markets, developing tools, and implementing automated solutions and processes?

Well, here is what you are looking for, as we are looking to hire a Gas Trader with an IT background.

What to expect

In this role, we are looking for a candidate with the background of an IT Developer but the mindset of a trader. We are looking for a new team member that is driven towards reaching ambitious results, that are structured and meticulous, and is a natural team player.

In this role, you get a chance to develop, optimize, and execute gas trading strategies, while at the same time analyzing data and developing new automated trading tools. No prior experience in gas trading or energy markets is required. If you bring your high spirit and eagerness to learn we will provide the training and know-how. We apply a learning-by-doing approach to create a steep learning curve. You should expect to execute your first trades shortly after joining the desk.

In this role, you will have plenty of opportunities for both professional and personal development. You will have a high degree of autonomy - one of our cornerstones in the organization. The desk is highly experienced in trading the European gas markets, and the organization in general is highly experienced in designing and implementing automated trading solutions. Therefore, we will also offer you highly skilled colleagues to learn from and develop the tools with. We will provide sparring and support in all areas to help you reach your full potential in this role.


  • Trade short-term natural gas contracts on the European markets

  • Participate in the shift rotation

  • Optimize the asset portfolio to meet the high expectations for return on investment

  • Apply gas trading insight to design, optimize and rethink automated trading tools

  • Support strategy development, optimization, and execution with trading tools and data visualization

  • Proactively develop and implement new automated processes

Qualifications – we imagine that you:

  • Have a relevant educational background in both IT and economics. For example, an IT oriented Cand.Merc though many combinations are relevant for the right candidate. We currently have software developers, mathematicians and physicists directly involved with trading

  • Have experience with data analysis and visualization automation of processes from an educational perspective

  • Experience in SQL and Python or R

  • Business level English skills both written and oral

Personal skills – we expect that you:

  • Are result-oriented with high performance standards

  • Are structured and meticulous

  • Are proactive with a can-do attitude

  • Have a curious mindset and constantly seek to improve the status-quo

  • Have strong communication skills and feel confident in sharing your opinion and knowledge

  • Are a team-player who will do what is best for the team and for InCommodities

What you can expect from us:

  • An extremely steep learning curve in a constantly changing market

  • High degree of autonomy, responsibility, sparring, and support

  • A great environment where everyone works towards the same goals and where no one succeeds until everyone succeeds

  • An organization where decisions are decentralized and where trust is a keyword

  • Highly experienced and skilled colleagues who are bold, honest, ambitious, and the smartest in their field

  • Structured onboarding program allowing fast transition from new hire to an integrated trader

  • Sparring with other relevant resources in IT and analysis to support your development towards becoming a powerhouse of gas trading, analysis, and automation

  • The opportunity to achieve great professional and personal development

We’re InCommodities: One of the fastest growing trading companies in the world. The energy market is transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and we take part in making that happen! 

At InCommodities, we support the transition by acting as the middleman between sellers and buyers of power and gas - we transport energy across borders where it’s needed, or we store it and sell it later, providing a vital function in the value chain from production to consumption. InCommodities’ business and decision-making are driven by a deep understanding of the energy markets and based on quantitative analysis and rethinking what we do.

Making InCommodities outstanding requires all types of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and approaches to solving different tasks and projects. But one thing connects us: we're fuelled by new ideas and rethinking the status quo.



Our culture

We value a strong social culture with a high frequency of employee events outside the office. We want to win and be the best in class. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who are bold, honest, ambitious, and the smartest in their field, and who root for one another. We value a genuine sense of team spirit.

To help each other grow, we use honest and constructive feedback and sparring within and across teams. Personality and cultural fit are important parameters for us because we want you to be happy here. The work culture is relaxed; we do not have a dress code or a strict hierarchy for decision-making. You will not experience unnecessary rules, policies, or bureaucratic processes at InCommodities.

In other words, InCommodities is not your average workplace – it’s awesome.



Practical details

If you have any questions, please contact

Rasmus Romme


Application deadline