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This isn't your average place to work for Devs

It's an awesome place to work

Do you miss working in a diverse, vibrant environment filled with fun, transparency, and honesty? If so, we should talk. Anyone can do a job, but we want you, because you're exceptional (like us!). We want you because you share our values, our sense of community and want to join our exciting growth journey!

Everyone's looking for great software developers these days, including us, so if you're reading this, we're one step closer to making this happen!

What to expect

We're currently expanding our Dev team, and we're looking for developers (from juniors, and seniors to leads). One thing's for sure; we're looking for people like you who want something different than just the status quo. We believe in our people, and we'll give you the freedom, flexibility, and responsibility to do what you do best.

Your involvement typically starts with user dialogue, followed by design phases with relevant stakeholders. Then coding, deployment, and operations (and then more coding and deployment). We're here to help and challenge you, but you get the freedom, support, trust, and space to get things done.


  • Design and build mission-critical solutions that our traders heavily rely on

  • Take ownership of your own projects while pairing with mentors

  • Work with modern technologies avoiding the burden of maintaining legacy code

  • Learn from and share your knowledge with our engineers

Some technologies we use

  • F# (.NET, ASP.NET) – as the main platform

  • Python / TypeScript – when it fits a task better

  • Docker / Kubernetes – to make the deployment experience seamless

Qualifications - we imagine that you have:

  • Probably have a relevant degree, e.g. in computer science, engineering, or similar. We also believe that you're more than just a piece of paper, so even without a degree, if you're driven and passionate about IT and development, we should talk!

  • Have experience and something to show us, or are willing to do a minor assignment, with one or more of the following: F#, C#, Functional programming, JavaScript, Node.js, and SQL

Personal skills – we expect that you:

  • Are detail-oriented and quality-conscious

  • Wake up every day with a curious mindset, and are driven and eager to learn more

  • Have the need for autonomy and trust in your work and thrive in an environment where responsibility is delegated, and support and sparring are provided

  • Desire to work at a blazingly fast-growing yet established company where we celebrate, high-five, and cheer to our successes

What you can expect from us:

  • Flexibility and autonomy to support your desired work-life balance

  • Autonomy and decentralized decision-making processes, meaning that employees make decisions within their work areas and roles 

  • The opportunity to influence and refine our processes and organization to continue to improve our ways of working

  • The opportunity to develop both professionally and personally 

We're InCommodities: One of the fastest growing trading companies in the World (did someone say Unicorn?) The energy market is transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and we take part in making that happen!

At InCommodities, we support the transition by acting as the middleman between sellers and buyers of power and gas - we transport energy across borders where it's needed, or we store it and sell it later, providing a vital function in the value chain from production to consumption. InCommodities' business and decision-making are driven by a deep understanding of the energy markets and based on quantitative analysis and rethinking what we do.

Making InCommodities outstanding requires all types of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and approaches to solving different tasks and projects. But one thing connects us: we're fuelled by new ideas and rethinking the status quo.

Let's make this happen together!



Our culture

We value a strong social culture with a high frequency of employee events outside the office. We want to win and be the best in class – therefore, you'll be surrounded by like-minded people who are bold, honest, ambitious, and the smartest in their field, and who root for one another, as we value a genuine sense of team spirit. To help each other grow, we use honest and constructive feedback and sparring within and across teams.

The Dev team is a diverse group of younger but experienced developers who all share a common goal: to accomplish BIG things!

Personality and cultural fit are important to us because we want you to be happy here. The work culture is relaxed; you don't have to abide by a dress code or strict working hours, so you won't be frustrated with too many rules, policies, or bureaucratic processes.



Practical details

We'd love to meet you for a chat, no strings attached, of course. Click on the link below and let us know how to get hold of you. Upload a link to your LinkedIn profile or your CV, then we'll get back to you about what will happen next.

If you have any questions, please contact

Lead of Software Development, Jakob Hestbæk Poulsen

Mail: jhp@in-commodities.com

Tel: +45 30214312

HR Partner for IT, Anastasia Lund Zafiri

Mail: alz@in-commodities.com

Tel: +45 53316285

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