Do you want to join one of the fastest-growing energy trading companies in the world? We are on an exciting growth journey and are looking for talented and passionate people like you to join us. 

At InCommodities, we want to be the best – within the industry and as a workplace. To achieve this, we need exceptional and driven people in all business areas. 

Our organization now comprises over 200 exceptional individuals where more than 50 of us are working within teams covering People & Culture, Branding & Communications, Business Development, Renewables Asset Management, Legal & Market Access, Compliance, Finance, Risk, and Environmental Products

We are regularly looking for superpowers to join these teams, and even if we do not have any job openings right now, we would still love to hear from you!

Together, we are rethinking energy trading

At InCommodities, we buy and sell power and gas worldwide. Our transactions balance the energy markets, ensuring the security of supply, the lowest possible prices for consumers, and reliable, steady energy. Using state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, we constantly monitor global power production and store and move energy across geographies and time to where it is needed. This is at the heart of what we do.

We will keep on rethinking. Pioneering algorithmic trading and supporting the transition towards net zero through renewables management and our 5% commitment to invest in green initiatives. The strive to master our craft runs in our veins.

A people-first culture

InCommodities was founded by four experienced traders who wanted to challenge the status quo in the industry and fight meaningless bureaucracy. They created and still live a supportive, casual culture to be proud of. A place where you can be yourself – no dress code and corporate disguise required.

In our culture, empowerment is a driving force for job satisfaction and high performance. Granting high autonomy, we believe, unlocks greater engagement, and distributed decision-making ensures that the best decisions are made – always by those closest to the job, regardless of seniority.

Send us your application

Whether you already have a role set out for yourself or if you want to explore your possibilities, we would love to hear from you. Apply unsolicited using the application button and include your CV and cover letter. 

Allow us to get a peek into who you are as a person, what you are passionate about and how you like to work. 

Application submitted – what’s next?

We continuously review unsolicited applications. However, since you're not applying for a specific job, we will only reach out if a relevant job opening matches your profile. Therefore, keep an eye on our available job openings and apply directly for those that align, even if you have already applied unsolicited. 

We will retain your application for a maximum of six months. After this period, if you're still interested in a position at InCommodities, please submit a fresh application.