InCommodities is one of the fastest-growing energy trading companies in the world. You can feel it, when you enter our space: the upbeat energy, our determination and go-getter attitude. We want to be the best – within the industry and as a workplace. To achieve this, we need the best people on our team – and that could be you! 

Our business is experiencing rapid growth, and we always keep an eye out for talented individuals who share our passion for trading and energy markets.

Even if we do not actively recruit for Power-, Gas-, or Environmental Product Traders right now, we are always excited to hear from you!

We balance the energy market

At InCommodities, we buy and sell power and gas worldwide. Our transactions balance the energy markets, ensuring the security of supply, the lowest possible prices for consumers, and reliable, steady energy. Energy is traded every hour at a price determined by supply and demand, influenced by factors like the weather, grid infrastructure, and fluctuations in the world economy. We trade on the European and North American markets around the clock, completing more than 30,000 trades every day.

The world is transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and the urgency of this transition has never been more evident. Technology is also advancing faster than ever and will play an integral part in paving the way towards net zero.

In our company, cutting-edge technology meets the world of energy trading. We call it “EnergyTech". We combine deep market insight with in-house software development and automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to analyze large datasets and predict where the energy is needed. This powerful combination has made us smarter, more responsive, and more precise than the competition.

A people-first culture

InCommodities was founded by four experienced traders who wanted to challenge the status quo in the industry and fight meaningless bureaucracy. They created and still live a supportive, casual culture to be proud of. A place where you can be yourself – no dress code and corporate disguise required.

In our culture, empowerment is a driving force for job satisfaction and high performance. Granting high autonomy, we believe, unlocks greater engagement, and distributed decision-making ensures that the best decisions are made – always by those closest to the job, regardless of seniority.

Send us your application

Apply unsolicited for trader positions using the application button and include your CV and cover letter. 

Grant us a peek into who you are, what you are passionate about and how you like to work. 

Application submitted – what’s next?

We continuously review unsolicited applications. However, since you're not applying for a specific job, we will only reach out if a relevant job opening matches your profile. Therefore, keep an eye on our available job openings and apply directly for those that align, even if you have already applied unsolicited. 

We will retain your application for a maximum of six months. After this period, if you're still interested in a position at InCommodities, please submit a fresh application.