This is your chance to
fast-track an exciting career in energy trading!

We open for applications in December 2024.

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In short

Our graduate program is your personalized fast track to an exciting career at InCommodities! We offer a dedicated program where your development and well-being are in focus, and you have the opportunity to learn and advance. You will get the unique opportunity to get to know our business in-depth and acquire a cross-functional understanding of InCommodities. We believe that allowing people to do exactly what they do best and explore new competencies will make learning more exciting. We invest heavily in your professional and personal development, so you can look forward to ongoing support, education, and coaching throughout the program.

Welcome to the InCommodities Graduate Program!

Graduate Program overview

IT or Algorithmic Trading

You can choose between two tracks: IT or Algorithmic Trading. We are committed to your development, so no matter the track you apply for, we aim to create a personalized program that fits you, your competencies, and your interests. The overall goal is to support your development and speed up your understanding of our business model, and that is why your rotations will go across the organization and not just within the track description.

Read about the two tracks below. 

What to expect

Our graduate program runs for 18 months. During these 18 months, you will have three rotations across our business. You are hired in a full-time position, where most of your time will be in the teams working on value-adding projects alongside some of the best minds in our industry. 

Below you can see what a program can look like. 

You will be challenged and take responsibility from day one. We ensure that valuable projects and initiatives are lined up for each rotation – all designed to support and speed up your development. We invest heavily in your professional and personal growth during the program - look forward to 1:1 coaching sessions and different courses. 

You will have plenty of time to get on-the-job training, and we have ensured there is dedicated time for everything else, such as social activities to get to know your colleagues. 

Meet our graduates

I really like the level of autonomy that is present here from day one. Even though you're new, you are given the freedom to do what you think is best in the projects, you're are working on. 

- Jesper Pedersen, Graduate - Algorithmic Trading

Moving to a new country can be very time consuming, but the flexibility at InCommodities allowed me to both do my work and have the time I needed to find a new apartment and get settled. That really helped me and made the transition a lot easier. 

- Lourenço Vasconcelos, Graduate - IT

Some might say that you should specialize from the start and find a classical position. But for me, doing the graduate program, I allow myself to work in different teams, making me more certain in my choice in the future about where I want to specialize. 

- Naveed Neghabat, Graduate - Algorithmic Trading

One of us

After 18 months and having successfully completed the program, you can expect to possess in-depth knowledge about our business and the InCommodities value chain. Professionally, you will become a well-rounded ‘InCommodities specialist’ with the skillset you need to start in your new role in one of the fastest-growing energy trading companies in the world!

Depending on your competencies and interests, you could end up in a position ranging from Quantitative Trader to Portfolio Manager or even Software Engineer. We aim to find the perfect role for you within our growing team, where you will be able to leverage your learning and experiences.

Even after completing our graduate program, your development is still in focus. We are a company that continues to rethink what we do and challenges the status quo. If you have the ambition and drive, you can expect our support to realize your full potential within InCommodities.

What’s the secret handshake?

We expect that you have completed a master’s degree within the last 2 years. The specific field of study is not important to us. What matters most is how you function in a team setting and your high level of personal drive and ambition to become the best within your field of interest.

We encourage everyone, no matter nationality, educational background, gender, race, or beliefs to apply. 

We care about our unique culture and will always hire based on a cultural fit. You must be eager to learn and become better, share knowledge, provide honest feedback, and want to be social with your colleagues. At InCommodities, our calendars are always filled with great events.

  1. 1st of December 2023

    Open for applications.

  2. 14th of December 2023

    Graduate Program Night: come and meet us, some of the founders, and hear more about the graduate program. Ask the questions you might need to get answered before submitting your application. 

  3. 29th of February 2024

    Final deadline for applications.

  4. January to March 2024

    The first interview where we will get a feeling if we are a match. We would like to know why you applied, your interests, background, and ambitions for the future.

  5. Invitation for the second interview

    Approximately 1-2 weeks after the first interview, you will find out if we will move on together. Soon thereafter, you will receive a case and a personality profile to fill out. You will have one week to solve the case and make your presentation.

  6. 2nd interview

    A half-day event: In the first half of the event, you will present your solution to the case to relevant stakeholders. You will have the chance to have a professional and technical dialogue with the participants, and we will know more in-depth about how you think and solve complex problems. The second half of the event will focus on your personality profile, where we will take you through the results, and we will have an open dialogue on you as an individual and how you function in a team setting.

  7. Final offer and contract

    After the second interview, all stakeholders will evaluate the candidates and offer a position to maximum 4 candidates.

  8. “Limbo period”

    We will make sure you feel welcome and as a part of InCommodities right away, and we have arranged a series of touch points and events to ensure your onboarding already starts from signing the contract.

  9. 1st of September 2024

    Start of the graduate program and our onboarding process with other new joiners.

When to apply?

You can apply from 1st of December until 29th of February.

How many positions?

Maximum 4.

Which documents should be included in my application?

Please include your CV, cover letter and academic records when applying. You are also welcome to include recommendations and/or additional documents, you deem relevant for your application. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to state which track you are interested in. 

Will I get feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, we cannot give extensive feedback to all applicants, but we always aim to give an overall reason via email if you do not get invited for a first interview. If you do not get invited for the second interview or get a final offer – we will always give you more in-depth feedback.

What's the salary

We are one of the leading companies when it comes to the total compensation package offered. The same goes for our graduates.

When will I know if I get the position?

No more than two weeks after your second interview.

I’m living outside of Denmark; can I still apply?

Yes! We are an international company, and approximately 20% of our employees are non-Danish. First interviews can be held online, and if invited for the second interview, we will make sure you get to our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

If I’m hired and need a work permit to work in Denmark, will InCommodities help?

Of course, we will! We have experience hiring candidates from outside of Denmark, and have experts internally as well as externally, to make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible. You hold the costs for your residency and work permit applications.

Can Ph.D.’s apply?

Most certainly! We have a strong field of prior Ph.D. students as our current colleagues.

How much work experience are you allowed to have?

Maximum 2 years after graduating.

When do I start?

1st of September 2024.

What does 'fast track' mean?

The main purpose of the graduate program is to speed up your development, both professionally but indeed personally. We make sure during the 18 months, that you have deep insight into both our value chain and business, as well as your own competencies, capabilities, and areas of improvement. Insights that might take years to gain. 
Even though we have a lot of initiatives in line and ready for you, some of the responsibility to speed up your development lies with you, as you need to engage in the business and network with stakeholders.